23 June, 2007

Always Hiring

No, this is not some amusing image I found on the internet. Treo capture from Newport Ave. in Quincy, MA. Wendy does not approve.


David Bowie is the greatest rock star ever. Period. End of discussion. Although I was only marginally part of the discussion, I think this conclusion is inescapable. Thank you. Who were you going to propose? Rick Springfield? I don't think so.

22 June, 2007

Found: The Joys of Youth

Last Saturday, my ladyfriend and I decided that instead of wandering around Harvard square for the 1000th+ time, we would hop on the commuter rail and wander around Salem--it was a warm, beautiful day and one must take full advantage of such days in Massachusetts because if you don't, *blink*, there's suddenly two feet of snow on the ground. As we filed down the platform to board the train, I spotted a small pad of white Post-it notes with a cute little drawing on the front:

I thought to myself, "Some kid made a flipbook on a pad of Post-its. Brilliant." I scooped the pad up, dropped it in my pocket and boarded the train.

Once we found a seat and got situated, I pulled the pad out and began flipping it from the back. Nothing. Blank pages. I turned the page from the drawing above and found:

"My big sister and my little sister are not that fat." Also brilliant, but not at all what I expected. You gotta love kids.

The Phantom Gourmet BBQ Fest

Here we have VonTrapperKeeper and Kentucky enjoying ribs at the aforementioned festival at Government Center. Holy Cerdo! The event featured BBQ artisans from TN, TX, OH, NY, PA, VA, and MA. We managed to eat half-racks of ribs from seven different vendors. The best, hands-down, were the ribs from "North Carolina Bar-B-Que" out of Virginia--fall off the bone tender with a delightful sauce.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to check out VonTrapperKeeper liveblogging the bottle of Cisco I gave him last night.


Here we have VonTrapperKeeper uploading an image of himself liveblogging himself drinking a bottle of Cisco. Ain't technology wonderful.

This would be a good time for me to point out that all of the photos I've uploaded thus far, with the exception of the preceding pic, have been added via the Mobile Blogging feature Blogspot offers. Once you've set up your account, you can send a picmail from your camera phone and it instantly appears on your blog. If you get onto The Practical Slacker, as I know you long to do day and night ("why doesn't he update more often, damnit!"), and you see a crappy little pic (the camera in Treos is a staggering 0.3 megapixels) with the heading, "You've got a New Picture Mail," you'll know that what you're seeing is as fresh as milk straight from a cow's udders and without the gritty aftertaste. Mmmmmmm! Warm, unfiltered goodness.


I seem to have a case of the giggles which I suspect is a contact buzz from the blogtastic strawberry effervescence emanating from VTK's room.


Definite contact buzz--still giggly and I just reloaded my own blog to see if I had posted an update.

18 June, 2007

Slackity-slack. Slack, slack, slack.

I am already off to a horrible start with the posting and the blogging and the whatnot. So, without further ado, at the advice of Maestro VonTrapperKeeper, please allow me to recommend one of my favorite web comics, Alien Loves Predator. Here is one of my favorites (click to enlarge):

01 June, 2007

Mural, Part II

Mural, Part I

This is a mural from the ladies restroom of the Old Colony Tap in Provincetown, MA, Part I. Continued above, obviously. No, I didn't take the pictures.

Look out, Honey, 'Cause I'm using technology

So, I have a blog. Welcome. I'll try to be both entertaining and grammatical. No promises, though.