28 July, 2007

Darts at Joel's

VTK, aka Robin Hood, plays darts.

20 July, 2007


Posted in a space where ClearChannel disclaimers used to be outside the former Cambridgeport Saloon. For the love of God, write Richard and let me know how it goes.

18 July, 2007

They Still Make This Stuff?

Found at Shaw's, University Park, Cambridge.

15 July, 2007

The Best Kind of Goon, Debbie

Members of the Quincy Asian American Comission.

10 July, 2007

Religious Adherents

Here's something interesting. (As always, click to enlarge.)


And Europe:

I worry about Estonia. Why do they hate Freedom?

09 July, 2007

Monday, Monday

I arrived to work this morning bound and determined to begin the not-too-terribly complicated process of reorganizing my office and all the paperwork that I've let pile up for quite some time. It was a cool and rainy morning, and I was feeling uncharacteristically focused and far from anxious. Then I walked in.

(Please forgive me for being vague, but the matter involves confidential proceedings for an organization that predates the Constitution. Yes, I work for the Illuminati.)

A simple procedural matter and missed deadline by a colleague of someone for whom I work arose over the weekend and by this morning, as it was described to me in painfully deliberate detail, it seemed to be a full-blown conflagration. I was quickly able to prove that we had done absolutely nothing wrong. The gentleman in question, presented with overwhelming evidence that he was at fault, backed down.

Now, I don't feel like doing a damn thing for the rest of the week. Why? Because this should never have been an issue in the first place, and certainly not the kind of thing that involves me having literally 20 e-mails in my inbox and a couple of hours of discussion. (Technically, I work for the gentleman in question exactly 3.5 hours/week.) Do you think you missed a deadline for submitting something? Checking your motherfucking Outbox and see if you missed the motherfucking deadline. It's not fucking rocket science. (+200 Bonus Frustration Points: at least one of the parties involved was, earlier in his career, a rocket scientist.)

And this is how I spend my time at work.

06 July, 2007

Friday Afternoon Humor

Here are my first video posts for your Friday afternoon enjoyment. Let's get started with Songs of Praise, subtitled for the hard of hearing by the hard of hearing:

Next up, my first and only submission to YouTube: a group of German tourists drinking Irish Car Bombs in The Squealing Pig pub in P-town, MA. As with most of my pictures, this was captured with my Treo.

And last but not least, Mad TV nailing one:

04 July, 2007

VTK Triumphant

I was going to repost these pics in sequential order rather than live-blogged order, but a dear reader left a comment. This series of photos shows VonTrapperKeeper live at the Second Annual Hot Dog Hoe Down eating a bowl of about 7 pureed tofu pups in 5 minutes time. Check his site soon for a full write-up.

Halfway There...

Dear God, He's Actually Eating It

When the wager was first announced, I believe I said, "I've never touched a Tofu Pup in my life, but I could eat that bowl in four minutes." Once I watched him start, I quickly realized that I was dead wrong.

Ready, Steady, Go!